For birders, Spring has to be one of the most enthralling seasons to watch the activities of our feathered friends. Bird spring migration draws birds we rarely see to feeders, hotspots, and wildlife refuges. What makes birdwatching particularly exciting is the technology we have at our fingertips.

With remote recordings, we can now watch what birds are getting up to on the other side of the world.

If you love pretty flamingos, you can watch live flamingo bird cams in zoos and parks all over the globe.

These live bird cams are like a window into the world of birds. The well-positioned live bird cameras take you to birding sites where you can observe birds in their natural habitat both day and night.

Great example of live bird cams - Closeup of beautiful group of flamingoes with bright red ones in the foreground and pink ones in the background.

These days nature lovers don’t have to get frustrated watching old bird documentaries on TV. Special moments are captured live on live bird cams around the world and with excellent Internet capabilities, you can be watching birds 24/7.

You will be able to watch amazing species of birds that you will never get to see in your own garden. Some are seasonal nesting bird cams, providing you with an intimate look at all the fascinating cycles of birds.

You can find 9, 12, or 16 cams all on the same website, taking you on an enthralling bird-watching spree.

Great Live Bird Cams

Hummingbirds – California

Carole has been feeding these beautiful little birds for many years, learning so much about their busy lives. This Hummingbird feeder cam is considered the best live bird feeder cam for hummingbirds and is a cam that many hummers visit.

What sheer fun to observe Hummers with live cams

Why do birds come to these live bird cams?

First, the people who set up these live bird cams make sure the birds have access to the food they need.

With the right variety of feeders, you can entice lots of bird species to your camera area. It doesn’t work if you give the birds low-quality feed. Quality food will attract beautiful songbirds and keep them coming back.

The birds are also provided with water features – birdbaths and water fountains. Birds just love water that isn’t still.

Finally, birds are encouraged to nest with the provision of a nice selection of trees, shrubs, and perching areas – growth that can provide the right nesting materials. For some birds, you want to provide bird boxes so the birds realize they have a safe, protected nesting area.

When will you see the most birds at these live bird cams?

With the arrival of spring, flocks of migratory birds start making their way back from their winter haunts. In the United States, the spring months are March, April, and May. It means that the live bird cams are going to become busier than usual.

How does one find the best bird cams?

There are many excellent bird cams that broadcast from around the world. Some of these live bird cams share highlight reels so you can also watch some of the best moments.

A few of the live bird cams listed below are considered to be amongst the best. They promise to be highly entertaining for bird lovers and feature 27/7 viewing, and high-definition cameras.

Backyard Bird Feeder – Akron, Ohio

This live bird camera is in the backyard of a birder who lives in northeast Ohio, close to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and also close to a small swamp that attracts wetland birds.

This fantastic feeding station attracts all the birds common to the eastern United States. You’ll see Downy Woodpeckers, Northern Cardinals, White-breasted Nuthatches Red-bellied Woodpeckers, Chickadees, American Goldfinch, and many others.

Apart from the huge selection of birds that visit the feeders, there are also animals to be seen that come and collect what falls to the ground below the feeders.

Live Mountain Cam – Alberta, Canada

Hosted by Jessica, this busy live bird feeding station is found in the yard of her home which is situated on the edge of a nature preserve.

It’s busy and because she lives near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, there are public walkways close by and the camera picks up hikers making use of these paths.

All kinds of weather conditions are experienced and many of the birds come from the wetlands and forests that are close by. Take a closer look and you may be the lucky viewer that spots other woodland creatures such as deer.

Great Gray Owls – Montana (live cam not always available)

Apart from this amazing nesting site, other great live cam stations you can check out are Snowy Owls in Alaska, Great Horned Owls in Charlo, Montana, and Screech Owls in Austin, Texas among others.

You will need to do your research as some of the cameras are seasonal and not 24/7. You will discover through watching this live bird cam, that these owls don’t build their own nests but prefer to use the abandoned nest of other large birds.

This camera is live from February but when it isn’t live it shows highlights from previous nesting seasons.

Martial Eagles – Selati Game Reserve, South Africa (live cam not always available)

The Martial Eagle population is sadly declining and it is classified as endangered. The nesting site in the Selati Game Reserve offers a superb opportunity to document and research the breeding habits of this majestic eagle.

The live bird cam installed is to create awareness for the conservation plight of these most iconic eagles. It’s the largest of the African eagles and incredibly powerful, weighing in at 14 pounds and with a wingspan of up to 8 feet.

With the live cam, you will see how their nests, built-in trees, are massive structures of up to 6 feet across and made of large sticks and leaves.

What a thrilling experience to witness the incubation of the eggs. Rarely, there will be 2 eggs – most times it is just one. Unfortunately, the live camera feeds only run till the end of the breeding cycle of the Martial Eagle pair, and when the fledgling leaves the nest.

Bald Eagles Live HD Nest Cams – Florida, USA

High-definition live-streaming cameras are placed over wild and captive Bald Eagle nests. These live bird cameras give viewers a bird’s eye view into the lives of bald eagles and other birds of prey.

What spectacular footage you can expect with live bird cams at eagle nesting sites.

The Northeast Florida nest cams provide close-up footage of the eagles during the nesting season. There is also the National Arboretum Nest Cam in Washington where the Eagle’s nest is located in a Tulip Poplar tree at the U.S. National Arboretum.

The amazing thing about these cameras is that they are powered by solar energy. There is also the Welaka Nest cam and the Smoky Mountain Nest cam. All of these cameras provide high-definition insight into the nesting process of these magnificent birds.

You’re in for SPECTACULAR Birdwatching

Love it or hate it, nobody can deny that technology brings spectacular birdwatching never been witnessed before.

These live cams take us into the most unreachable spots imaginable, from watching penguins in the snow to watching colorful birds in tropical rainforests to watching the antics of regular garden birds.

Anyone who loves watching birds will greatly appreciate these live bird cams positioned in spots around the world, allowing them amazing insight into the extraordinary lives of birds the world over.