If you build a bird sanctuary on a city balcony, make sure to clean it every 2 weeks. If you let things get out of hand you may attract rodents (if your balcony is relatively low) and bird mites (that may also make their way into your apartment!) The bird droppings will accumulate and be hard to remove. You will also increase the risk of health hazards due to bird pathogens in droppings.

Importantly, if you don’t clean every week or two, you will need to consider calling in the professionals since the health risk from bird poop may be too great.

To clean bird poop off a city balcony, remove excess droppings and soak the remainder while you clean bird feeders and sweep debris. Dispose of softened bird poop, clean and rinse the balcony, and disinfect.

It can get complicated because the cleaning solution you use should be formulated for concrete, wood, or metal. In addition, if there are balconies below yours, you will not be able to use a pressure washer or hose.

Best Solution to Clean Bird Poop Off a City Balcony

I think the following 10-step solution to clean bird poop off a city balcony is best if you have a concrete balcony, but can be modified for other types of balcony materials as well – just make sure you use a cleaning solution that does not harm the surface of the balcony.

For this solution, I am going to assume there are balconies below yours and so you cannot use a hose or pressure washer. I am also including steps that cut down on the risk of falling ill due to bird pathogens.

Clean bird poop off a city balcony

First, assemble your Cleaning Kit:

  • Large Bucket
  • 2 pails
  • Disposable Plastic Scraper
  • Broom
  • Mop with Disposable Mop Pad
  • Rubber gloves
  • Baking soda
  • Garbage bags
  • Dawn dish soap
  • A big roll of paper towel
  • Spray Cleaner
  • Measuring spoons
  • Disinfectant solution

Put all of the above items in the bucket, and store the bucket in a convenient spot away from food and cooking items.

Step 1: Wear Clothing that will Protect You from Bird Pathogens
When you clean bird poop off a city balcony, you will need to dress for protection.
– Wear a pair of old closed-toe shoes that you use for this purpose. Leave the shoes by the balcony entrance so you don’t have to wear them in the house.
– Wear an old shirt with long sleeves, and an old pair of long pants.
– Wear protective goggles and a mask.

Step 2: Keep Kids and Pets Away from the Balcony
Tell kids to stay away from the balcony while you are cleaning and if you have pets keep them away from this area as well. This will keep them safe from any bird pathogens.

Step 3: Retrieve the Bird Cleaning Kit
Place a large and thick paper towel on a countertop. Grab the bird cleaning kit and remove one of the pails, putting it on the paper towel. Fill the other pail with clean water. Place the cleaning kit and the pail with clean water on the concrete patio right outside the balcony door entrance.

Step 4: Make the Cleaning Mixture
Heat a quart of warm to hot water on the stove or in the microwave. Pore it in the pail that is on the countertop. Place this pail on the concrete patio next to the cleaning kit and the other pail with clean cool water. Put your boots on and step outside. Make a soapy cleaning mixture by adding 2T of baking soda and 1/2 teaspoon of dawn dish soap to the pail with the hot water.

Step 5: Soak the Bird Droppings In the Cleaning Mixture
Put your gloves on. Dip the paper towels in the cleaning mix and place a few over any bird droppings you spot. Leave them there for about an hour so that the bird droppings soften and are easy to remove. You can also pour additional hot water over the paper towels to speed up the process. If the poop is thick, you can try to remove the top layers by using the plastic scraper and then soak what remains. This will make the softening process go faster. When you are finished using the scraper, place it in a garbage bag.

Step 6: While Dropping are Soaking, Clean Bird Feeders and Sweep up Debris
While you are waiting for the paper towels to soften the bird poop, do the following:
– Clean any bird feeders. Put the debris in a garbage bag. Important – do not bring feeders indoors to clean them since they can carry diseases that are dangerous for humans.
– Take the broom and sweep up any other debris. Put the debris in the garbage bag.
– Wipe down any balcony furniture, and balcony railings using paper towels and spray cleaner. Again, put the paper towels in the garbage bag.

Step 7: Dispose of the Bird Poop and Paper Towels that Cover It
After an hour has passed and the bird poop has softened, use clean paper towels to grab the by-now dry towels that are covering the bird poop, and wipe away the poop. Place the dirty paper towels and poop in the garbage bag.

Step 8: Clean and Rinse the Balcony
Now do one more cleaning – take the rest of the cleaning mix and use your brush to move the cleaning mix around to clean any additional debris off of the balcony. If you have back issues and find it hard to bend, you can also use a broom with stiff bristles or a brush at the end that you will use only for this purpose. Now rinse the balcony with the pail that contains the clean cool water and use a mop to wipe clean.

Step 9: Sanitize the Balcony
For added protection, spray a sanitizer solution on the areas where the bird poop was. Follow the directions on the sanitizer.

Step 10: Sanitize Your Tools and Clothing
Finally, this is the last step for cleaning bird poop off a city balcony! After you are done, sanitize your tools before bringing them back into the house. Remove your boots and place them in a garbage bag before you come inside. Once inside, remove the clothing you are wearing and wash it.

If you have a wooden balcony, do not use the scraper, and check that any solution you are using will not harm the wood. Consider using a commercial deck cleaner or a solution of 50% vinegar and 50% water in a spray bottle. Same with a metal balcony – use a cleaning solution that works best for metal.

Final Words on 10 Steps to Clean Bird Poop Off a City Balcony

Cleaning bird poop off a city balcony that has been transformed into a bird sanctuary will require you to diligently clean it every few weeks. However, if you clean bird poop off a city balcony regularly, you can do it very quickly and the task won’t seem so arduous.

The key to clean bird poop off a city balcony is preparation and consistency. Make sure to prepare a bird cleaning kit that is easily accessed, to protect yourself as well as kids and pets, and to wash all items afterward.

Considering the joy a city balcony bird sanctuary will bring, it is definitely worth it!